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It’s a great, great week to be a Foo Fighters fan

There is SO much happening with the Foo Fighters right now and it’s beautiful.  

First off, it’s Foos week on Letterman. The Foo Fighters kicked off their five night residency on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night. Hopefully you’ve already seen their Monday and Tuesday night performances which included incredible collaborations with Zac Brown (watch here) and Ann and Nancy Wilson (watch here). And the fact that there are still three nights left of Foos week makes me this excited: image

Secondly, they’re releasing the first song off their new album Sonic Highways this Thursday. AKA TOMORROW!!! The album will hit stores on November 10th. But if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been frantically searching for audio snippets online. And based off of what I’ve found & heard, I’m impressed. Very impressed. Made me want to dance. Like this: image

If that isn’t enough Foo for you, Friday marks the premiere of their long-awaited documentary series on HBO, Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways. I think I speak for every Foo Fighters fan when I say anticipation levels are quite high for this series. Getting to follow them around as they travel to eight legendary studios in eight different cities to record their eighth studio album? C’mon. Do I really need to convince you to watch? Not to mention the fact that there are many other musicians featured in the series including: Joan Jett, Slash, Dolly Parton, Pharrell and more. This documentary is going to be unreal…image

Does it stop there? Nope. It looks as though HBO is celebrating the premiere of the documentary series by teaming up with Facebook to stream a free Foo Fighters concert (Live from the Cubby Bear at midnight) following the premiere. I repeat, FREE FOO FIGHTERS CONCERT. 


Will you be checking out Sonic Highways this weekend? What are you most looking forward to from their new album?? Drop me a note or tweet me and let’s chat! 

I’ve Joined the Who Crew

Last night, I had the chance to check out Betty Who on The High Society Tour in Toronto. I had a couple of friends tell me that I neeeeeed to check her out before she blows up. And I’m really glad I did.

I don’t know why but she reminds me so much of a mix between Katy Perry and Robyn. Maybe it’s her bubbly personality? Or the 80s inspired dance beats? Either way, I’m into it. My taste in music seems to be stuck in the past anyway so this is a perfect fit!


High Society" was a great way to kick off the night…and I’m not just saying that because she included a snippet of NSYNC’s "I Want You Back" in the middle of her performance. I’m not saying I busted out singing either…..

She played popular tracks off her debut album including “Heartbreak Dream” and “Runaways” before concluding the night with the bright, spirit-lifting “Somebody Loves You.” 


Everything about this show was just fun. Her energy from start to finish, subtle dance moves, perfect comedic timing, the big-sweaty-crowd dance party — the list goes on. I walked into the Mod Club expecting to check out another up-and-coming artist and hear a couple of cool tunes that I could dance along to. Instead, I left the Mod Club in the best mood, with an urge to pick up her new album Take Me When You Go. 


Did you catch Betty Who in TO last night? Checking her out in another city? Let me know what you think! 

Jason Mraz: The Charmer

No one expected Jason Mraz to walk out on stage at the very top of the show. At least I wasn’t. Rocking a fedora hat, plain tee, jeans and a huge smile, he used the opportunity to welcome fans to the show - at least those who were there so early. He even invited a fan on stage to snap a selfie with him after reading her sign: “Bucket List: Snap a selfie with Jason Mraz.” What a cool dude! 


Opening up for Mraz was LA-based rock-folk band (and his long time pals) Raining Jane. The all-girl band performed three songs before Mraz joined in on the fun. Having Raining Jane as his musical partners on stage was a nice little twist. Not to mention their impressive instrumentation throughout the night, which included a cello, double bass and a sitar. I also have to quickly mention that I couldn’t take my eyes off of Mona Tavakoli - she played hand and box drums throughout the night. And it was the raddest thing ever. So incredibly rad. Female drummers rule. And no, I’m not biased… 

Impressive collaboration between Mraz and Raining Jane to say the least. You can tell just how deep their musical connection was by watching the first couple of songs they performed.

Mraz also has a connection to his fans that I haven’t really seen with any other artist at a show. He talked to the audience as if he were casually talking to a bunch of friends. He also interrupted songs to tell personal stories which resulted in roars of laughter around Massey Hall. My favourite? His hilarious description of an experience with a pessimistic roommate. He even went ahead to quote some of the things she said to him when he first introduced his music to her — which once again, resulted in an outburst of laughter from the audience. 


Beautiful music, great sense of humour, genuine interaction with his fans. What more can you really ask for? Jason Mraz is a charmer.

Ending the night off with his biggest hit “I’m Yours” had the entire crowd singing along - but that goes without saying. This was my first time checking him out in concert and I can guarantee you I will be at his next show whenever he returns to Toronto!   

Did you see Jason Mraz and Raining Jane at Massey Hall? What did you think? Drop me a note or tweet me and let’s chat!

Music Video of the Day: Supergroup covers The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”

The BBC released a music video on Tuesday (October 7) featuring a variety of artists singing The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows. And when I say a variety of artists - I mean literally everyone. Pharrell, Lorde, Dave Grohl, Brian May, Elton John, One Direction…the list goes on. 

In addition to this promo for BBC music programming, the cover will soon be released to raise money for BBC’s Children In Need charity. 

Can you name all 27 artists featured in this vid? 

Nick Jonas Brings Solo Tour to Toronto 

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Nick Jonas solo is brilliant. He’s trading in his squeaky clean boy-band image for a more sophisticated R&B/ bluesy vibe and edgier look. And based on tweets after last night’s show, I think we’re all okay with it. 

That signature falsetto voice. His mini dance moves on stage. The fact that twenty-something year olds still scream and fangirl over him. He almost reminds me a bit of (dare I say it) Justin Timberlake…? I feel like he’s gearing himself towards a very JT sort of crowd and it totally makes sense. 

Couldn’t make it out to see Nick in concert? Check out this quick clip of last night’s show in Toronto. Enjoy!