Janelle Monae - The Electric Tour

When Janelle Monae comes to town, you know you’re in for a dance werkout.  Her live show is every bit as fierce and fabulous as her albums are. I caught the soul diva in Toronto and I honestly doubt there was a funkier place to be that night. Singing, drama, dancing, crowdsurfing - Ms. Monae has it all.

The stage was transformed into a retro asylum, all white, band members in bow ties and lab coats, the works. Janelle, one ominous doctor warned, is an extremely talented patient who could freak out at any second. “Tonight,” he shouted, “you’ll DANCE. Or DIE!”

Sure enough, Janelle never stopped dancing, and neither did we. Her moves are so dramatic and flawless it’s as if she’s an android, completely aware of every muscle in her.

Even after jumping off the drum podium and into the crowd several times, her singing pipes stayed strong through The Electric Lady, megahits like “Tightrope”, and epic covers (Michael Jackson and Prince in one night!). Her crowning pomp never fell out of place for a reason: she’s the queen.

If you don’t see Janelle Monae live, you’re missing out. Check out The Electric Tour ASAP!

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    I saw her at the historically-black Lincoln Theatre in DC and she was amazing!!! Her show gave me so much life.
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